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The Breakfast Club: Waltham Edition

Need a break from The Nest and The 921? There are three amazing breakfast joints located right near campus here in Waltham.

1. In a Pickle

Located on Moody Street, this restaurant is the talk-of-the-town in Waltham. This place is great for a larger group with circle booths that can fit six comfortably. There are also plenty of two person tables, as this restaurant spans across two separate dining rooms - after all, the demand for In a Pickle breakfast food is HIGH. The only problem here is the wait on weekends - the line will frequently be out the door, and you can’t make a reservation. I recommend coming here on a weekday morning with a small group of friends!

Menu recommendations: All American French toast, Eggs-In-A-Basket, or build-your-own breakfast wrap. This place has an AMAZING variety of pancakes, too!

2. Josephs Two

This breakfast place is just a little ways down Main Street, about five minutes from campus. With a home-y feel, this place is great for groups of three or four. There can be a significant wait on the weekends, but the servers are speedy and the line will move quickly, so don’t be scared off! Lots of people at Bentley recommend taking family here when they visit. The interior of Josephs Two reminds people of home with its brightly colored walls and big wooden tables.

Menu recommendations: Eggs Benedict, The Hungry Man.

3. Wilson’s Diner

Wilson’s is located right around the corner from Bentley - about a two minute drive. If you have never been, you just might drive past it by accident. The restaurant is a trailer-style with a completely old-fashioned diner feel. There is one chef and he is amazing at what he does. The servers are very friendly, and service is speedy because the place is so small. You should come here with a date or one friend - the booths are tiny and if they’re full, you can sit at the bar and watch your food cook! You might even receive a dum-dum lollipop on your way out…

Menu recommendation: Two eggs with corned beef hash, Country Time omelet.

NOTE: Wilson’s is cash only, but they have an ATM inside!

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