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Best 5 Stores for College Essentials at Great Prices

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  1. Marshalls/TJ Maxx 

These are the best places to get cheap decorations for desks, walls, mugs/dishes, and organizers. In addition, they also have great prices for clothes, especially since some of them are name brands! So, think about getting your back-to-school clothes at Marshalls or TJ Maxx! Just make sure you don’t go the day before you move into college, because everything will be picked over. 

  1. Bed Bath & Beyond 

Bed Bath & Beyond has the best selection for – you guessed it – bedding! Even though they don’t always have the cheapest prices, they have good quality items that will most likely last your entire college career! This is where I got my comforter, throw pillows, towels, and only $10 sheet sets.   

  1. Costco 

Buy in bulk! College kids go through snacks and beverages like crazy. Those late-night snacks are what college kids thrive on. Aside from snacks, toiletries are cheapest here too and believe me, you’ll want these bigger packages rather than always having to go out and buy new stuff.

  1. Amazon 

Look for those lightning deals (I know my Amazon fanatics are all too familiar with these). On Amazon, you can get cheap dishware and silverware sets that are microwave safe, will last a while, and are better for the environment than disposable paper products. This is also the best place to quickly get organizer stands, chargers, lamps, and more for cheap! 

  1. Hand-Me-Downs 

If you have older siblings, use their stuff if they’ve already been to college or even just stuff in your house that you can take back and forth! Also, your stuff in the attic could finally be put to use! Old tables and chairs are perfect to use in a college apartment on a tight budget. 

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I am Michaela and I am a first-year at Bentley University. Some of my interests include cooking, skiing, running and painting.
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