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Bentley’s Peer Advisors

As most know, Bentley is topnotch when it comes to academic and career advising.   One service that most students don’t take advantage of, however, is peer advising.  Peer advising is part of academic advising, but the people offering advice are those who have gone through the GBs, picked a major and minor, chosen an LSM, and studied abroad all within the past couple of years so they have firsthand experiences and extremely relevant advice.

The current peer advising team consists of six juniors, seniors, and graduate students:

·         Patrick Abate, ’13 Management/LSM

·         Lindsay Connors, ’12 & ’13 Accountancy/LSM/MBA

·         Ross Denkin, ’14 Actuarial Sciences

·         Daisy Fernandes, ’14 Accountancy

·         Caroline Janson, ’13 Accountancy

·         Kristen Longobardi, ’12 & ’13 Corporate Finance and Accounting/LSM/MSA

This year they have begun planning programs that they would have liked to go to as students.  These include peer run programs in dorms where they can answer your questions as well as setting up various programs with other clubs or organizations where they can speak with its members during one of their meetings.  If you’re in any clubs or organizations on campus that you think would benefit from working with a peer advisor, definitely inquire about the many programs they offer!

Walk-in hours are Mondays thru Thursdays 11:20 to 3:00, and you can also make an appointment on MyBentley.  They are a great resource if you have any questions concerning majors, minors, LSMs, study abroad, course policies, or general long-term planning.  If they were to offer one general piece of advice for an underclassman it would be to start planning early so that you can fit the most into your four short years here.  So what are you waiting for?  Stop by the academic advising center to talk with a peer advisor or make an appointment online to get your questions answered!

Also, like Peer Advising Bentley University on Facebook and follow @AACPeerAdvisors on Twitter for updates!

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