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Bentley Names New President

President Gloria Larson has led a tremendous legacy upon Bentley University since 2007—but this coming academic year, she will be succeeded by Dr. Alison Davis-Blake. Although Gloria’s resonating impact will never be forgotten, it is her time to step down, as she announced last year.  Finding a replacement for Gloria has been no easy task, as her energy and influence on campus is omnipresent.

Even though most students have not met the powerhouse herself, Gloria’s name wields respect.  Her immeasurable accomplishments over the years can be felt in the campus culture and experienced through her crucial commitments to diversity; the developments achieved under her leadership truly are innumerable.  She may be leaving, but her successes within Bentley will echo across the school for years to come.

It is with open arms that Bentley welcomes Dr. Davis-Blake to the school.  She comes from a strong professional academic background, and is more than qualified for the job.  The President-Elect has been the Dean of the business schools at both the University of Minnesota and the University of Michigan.  As a national leader in the educational business field, she has implemented instrumental changes at her former institutions, and is the perfect leader to encompass Bentley’s mission and vision moving forward.  She studied economics at Brigham Young University—graduating summa cum laude—and returned to pursue her master’s in organizational behavior, later earning her doctoral degree from Stanford University.   Her mature understanding of organizational behavior is sure to present a fresh outlook to Bentley’s current structure.

While Gloria will finish the year as the President, Dr. Davis-Blake will shadow her to ensure that the shift goes smoothly this Fall Semester.  In her February 6th interview upon the official announcement of her position, Dr. Davis-Blake acknowledged Bentley’s prestige and esteemed curriculum, saying, “I couldn’t be more excited to join the university and continue that momentum.”  It is reassuring for the community to hear her eagerness as she steps up to the dynamic new position.  The transition is bittersweet; we bid our current President the best as she moves on to new endeavors, and excitedly anticipate the President-Elect’s timely arrival.




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