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Bentley Dorms: The Pros & Cons

Though 2015-2016 housing picks don’t happen for several months, there’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of pre-planning as to where you and your roommates may want to call home next year.

Maybe you want a suite on lower to be in the middle of the Thursday-Saturday night action, or maybe you’re the rare type who enjoys living in the deep woods of Massachusetts, also known as North Campus. Whatever your preference, each dorm building on campus certainly has its pros and cons, and here’s what a few Bentley juniors came up with…


North Campus

Pro: The absolute nicest apartments on campus. Hands down.

Con: North Campus is basically in Maine so hopefully you don’t mind cleaning off your car and driving in the snow.



Pro: Along with Slade, Miller’s the nicest, cleanest and biggest of the freshman dorms. Also Miller has only a short walk to the academic buildings so you don’t have to suffer the mountain that is the Smith stairs.

Con: Not next to the other two freshman dorms and has less people than Trees. Also walking the Smith stairs everyday can be great for your backside, if you catch my drift.



Pro: Typically bigger, cleaner, and next to everyone in Trees but without the old rooms and old smell.

Con: Typically not the hub of frosh activity, and it’s not really close to much else on campus, so good luck on the days when you have to wear heels to class!



Pros: A lot of freshman live in Trees, so you’ll get to know many more people, and isn’t that what freshman year’s all about?

Cons: That distinct smell…



Pro: Close proximity to Seasons and (on the weekends) Mein Bowl.

Con: What is it? Who lives there? 



Pro: Dunkin’ Donuts in the lobby. Need we say more?

Con: Not the nicest of apartments and if the elevator is broken you may have quite the hike up to the 7th floor.


Boylston Apartments

Pro: They were just redone this past summer, so say hello to new kitchens, showers and flooring.

Con: Not many people try too hard to live there, though we think it’s pretty underrated.


Falcone Apartments:

Pro: Nice apartments and a great location that’s close to Dunks, the library and the academic buildings.

Con: The hike back from Lower on cold nights could be more fun. Definitely worth stopping midway for mozzarella sticks.


CoNo & CoSo

Pro: Lower Campus is where it’s usually happening on the weekends, so you’re right in the heart of the action.

Con: No apartment options, which means Seasons for dinner…again.


Orchard North & South

Pro: Only apartments on Lower, right in front of the green space, and close to the gym.

Con: Slightly run down apartments but not too bad. Also if you lack will power, (guilty) Curritos is just a hop and skip away. Hello, taco bowls, we meet again.



Pro: Nice rooms, usually a lot going on, close to the gym, fields, and green space.

Con: The most common place to find things you don’t want to step in on the elevator Thursday-Sunday. 

Bentley senior majoring in Information Design & Corporate Communications with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. Chapter President for HCB. Third Door Media intern. Karate aficionado. Shonda Rhimes super fan.
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