Ben & Jerry’s Sustainable Spoons

Recently there have been strong efforts and initiatives to reduce the amount of plastic waste we leave behind on our planet. Colleges, companies, and small businesses are all trying to join the fight to reduce our ecological footprint. In the past year, there have been movements to get rid of plastic straws due to their harm on marine life. Many companies are trying to make an impact on the amount of plastic we consume by changing even the smallest things about the way they run business.

This summer I went to the Ben & Jerry’s in Kennebunkport, Maine and was surprised to find a different kind of spoon in my ice cream. Instead of your typical plastic ice cream spoon, I saw a wooden spoon! At first I thought it might be hard to eat ice cream with, but it was super sturdy and I found I liked it even better than using plastic spoons. Plus, it’s much better for the environment! 

Turns out Ben & Jerry’s announced in August that they will be getting rid of plastic spoons completely by April 9th of next year, which also happens to be free cone day. They are also getting rid of plastic straws and replacing them with paper straws.

Ben & Jerry’s move to reduce plastic spoons and straws from the company is just the start of their initiative; they are also trying to find ways to reduce plastic cups and lids by 2020. 

Ben & Jerry’s is making their stance known on environmental beliefs. Hopefully, more companies from a variety of industries will join Ben & Jerry’s in reducing the waste we produce from plastic that is used in our everyday lives. 

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