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Beautiful Color Combinations for Your Picture-Perfect Wedding Party

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I worked as a Sales Associate this summer at a tuxedo shop. After working with hundreds of weddings, these are some of the best color combinations I have come across:

Sage green & black & crème 

This is a great option for the spring or summer. One scenario is that the groom wears an ivory tuxedo with black lapel and an ivory tuxedo with sage green pocket square. The rest of the groomsmen wear a black tuxedo with sage green ties and pocket squares. The bridesmaids wear sage green dresses. For a more summery look, ditch the black completely and stick with just the sage green and white/crème combination. Another benefit of this look is that you can throw floral into the mix easily, which can add a nice pop of color! 

Tan Linen suit & White

This is a classic option for a summer, beach wedding. Be careful with linen suits because they can wrinkle very easily. If done right, this look is gorgeous. It is much more informal than a traditional black-tie look, but an unbuttoned undershirt with no tie can make the wedding feel more intimate and romantic. 

Brown & beige 

This look is old-fashioned yet distinguished. If you like a more informal, rustic look, this is the look for you. You can pair a brown suit (suede for an even more classical look) with either no tie or a beige tie for some subtle contrast. This look would be great for a fall or winter wedding because it screams sophisticated, yet cozy!

Dusty rose & navy 

This is a very popular option for a classy, formal wedding. A navy tie pairs well with a dusty rose tie. Dusty rose is a lovely color for bridesmaids’ dresses because they are more muted and professional than a bright pink. This option is great for year-round weddings and adds more color than a traditional black tuxedo. 

Emerald green & blush pink 

This is a lovely option for spring or summer weddings. An emerald suit is unique yet still distinguished and formal. Blush pink adds some brightness and springiness while keeping it classy. This look can also have some florals thrown in for a lovely, spring look!

Black & white 

I could not discuss wedding color combinations without mentioning the most professional, classic option. This could be a black tuxedo with an ivory tie for the groom and black ties for the groomsmen. You cannot go wrong with this option. This option works for any time of year, but it may be too hot for the summer. It is simple and very formal!

I am Michaela and I am a junior at Bentley University majoring in accounting. Some of my interests include cooking, skiing, running and painting.