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Although it’s barely reaching 60 degrees in Waltham, it’s hard to not be thinking about summer and bathing suit season! I’ve researched some of 2013’s top bathing suit trends to share with you before you hit the mall for a new summer suit.

1) Fringe Bandeau

These almost Native American style fringe bandeaux are definitely a 2013 trend. Fringes come in all different colors and in long, medium and short lengths.




2) Tribal prints

Suits with geometric patterns that are tribal  inspired are popping up everywhere. These bright colors look good on every skin tone!



3) Neon

It seems like neon everything has been popular recently and bathing suits are no exception. These super bright and vibrant colors make a statement on the beach but also accentuate a summer glow.




4) Vintage inspired

For those of you who are more daring, try out vintage cuts which include high-waisted bottoms, floral prints, and bustier tops.




http://bit.ly/YSWTtV (Roxy)

http://bit.ly/11mCQVu (PacSun)

http://bit.ly/11mD5Qs (PacSun)

http://tgt.biz/11mDrGT (Target)

http://bit.ly/9LatOE (Victoria’s Secret)

http://bit.ly/Z8FzDT (Roxy)

http://urbout.co/16wuMCQ (Urban Outfitters)







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