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The Bachelor: February 9, 2015 RECAP

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Bachelor February 9, 2015 RECAP

SPOILER ALERT. If you haven’t watched this week’s most recent episode of the Bachelor, then log onto www.abc.com right now and watch it—because I’m going to give you fellow collegiettes the low-down on what I thought of this week’s episode!

First off, DING DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD, and by that, I mean Kelsey. So happy to see her go. After experiencing an ‘anxiety attack’, or so she says, Kelsey finds herself stuck in a complicated position when Chris announces to the ladies that there will be no cocktail party before this week’s rose ceremony—was it because of what Kelsey said? And by that, I mean her dropping the bomb on Chris that her husband just dropped dead one day…are we sure she passed the background check to get onto this show? Seems a bit sketchy to me… Well, anyways, in an effort to reclaim her spot in the show now that she sees herself in a vulnerable place, Kelsey manages to skate past the first rose ceremony unfortunately while Samantha and Mackenzie, the one who probed Chris regarding his opinions on aliens, were given the boot.


Lucky Becca was able to land herself a one-on-one date with the farmer this episode and managed to finally get a smooch—even though she was the last girl to kiss him. Then we had the group date featuring Big & Rich country superstars where the girls, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, and Carly, were given a challenge to belt out their best love song towards Chris. What seems to be a recurring pattern in this show is the ability of Britt to manage to keep Chris all to herself. Not only did she win the competition and get herself some alone time with Chris, but she took it upon herself to sneak off to a Big & Rich Concert while the other ladies sat there clueless as to what was going on and where the two lovebirds went.


Then came my favorite part in the episode—the 2-on-1 date starting Ashley I, aka Kim K wannabe, alongside Kelsey, the guidance counselor who could use a bit of guidance herself. Venturing out to the badlands, the date took a turn for the worst when Chris had confronted Kelsey questioning how genuine her motives were as brought up to him by Ashley. As Kelsey returns from her private time with Chris she says, “I know what you did,” to Ashley. Then started the freak out, as Ashley pulls Chris across the badlands to call him out for using her name. As the Kim K tears began to come out, Chris realized that Ashley and all her pairs of fake eyelashes aren’t exactly cut out for his simple lifestyle. To top it all off, the footage made it appear that the two girls were left for dead in the badlands. Meanwhile, the other girls popped some bubbly when they saw Kelsey’s bags were on their way out, and I can’t blame them.


Photo Source: 1&2