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Are Hair Claw Clips the New Scrunchie?

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Walking around campus, I have noticed everyone has the colored hair clip from Amazon, me included. Ever since its popularity on TikTok, various small businesses began selling different style clips. It has been seen everywhere you go. People are wearing these clips for every occasion, whether it’s for school, work, or even a party. I have been guilty of clipping my hair to get out of putting the effort to make my hair look presentable. By adding a claw clip it grabs the attention of onlookers, rather than a bird’s nest A.K.A. my hair. 

Now the question is, are the hairclips here to stay or will they become the next 80’s and 90’s scrunchie? In my opinion, the clip is here to stay! For as long as I can remember, clips have always been around my house for a quick up-do hairstyle. It looks like you put in the effort but in reality, it took two minutes. Who wouldn’t want a quick and cute hairstyle, right!

I know many girls will be thinking, my hair is too short, or my hair is too long or too thick or even too thin. But you can find different clips for different hairstyles from small businesses, I see it all over my for you page on Tik Tok! I suffered from finding the perfect clip for my short, curly hair until I came across an absolute game-changer. Gold long clips that open wide for my curls, if I can find the perfect match so can you!

Do you think hairclips is a staple piece or just a trend?

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Nubya Filho

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Hey, Y'all! My name is Nubya, I am a sophomore at Bentley and am majoring in marketing with a minor in global management! My favorite things to do are reading, hiking, and traveling.
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