April Horoscopes: Spring Day Edition

Check out your April Horoscopes to see how legendary your spring day is going to be!


Take time this month to make sure you can enjoy Spring Day and be the best you can be. Whether it’s taking mental health days, taking some necessary “you” time, or cranking down and doing homework, do whatever you can to have the best Spring Day ever! 



Since you like to be prepared, feel free to do your research and get ready for this concert. Sometimes being over-prepared can be a good thing. Listen to as much SZA and Vince Staples as you can, so you can fully jam out at Spring Day.  


Whether this is your first or last Spring Day, get ready to party and have the time of your life. Live in the moment and make the most of this day.



No special plans for Spring Day yet? Don’t worry! Everything is going to work out—just go with the flow and see where life takes you.



Brush off any negative energy that’s been surrounding you lately and enjoy Spring Day.



Not as excited about the Spring Day artist? Have too many final papers due that week? Don’t let negative thoughts cloud your experience. Look at everything through an optimistic lens and you will see how much your experience is going to improve.



Make sure you mentally and physically prep for Spring Day. Rest the night before, because you are going to have a wild and awesome night.


Stressed about finals week? Take this month to plan things carefully. Make sure you have enough done so that you can truly enjoy Spring Day’s festivities. This month, time management is your best friend.



Been wanting to talk to that special someone all semester but haven’t worked up the nerve? Go for it during Spring Day. Though it may be nerve-wracking, the benefits will definitely outweigh the consequences and you may end up having your best Spring Day yet.



Go all out this Spring Day. Whether it be taking the theme to an extreme and going all out on your outfit, or jamming out completely at the concert, fully immerse yourself in the Spring Day vibe.


Don’t let all the stress of finals bring you down. Instead of working so hard like you usually do, take this day to do what makes you happy. 



Do something new this Spring Day! Maybe try hanging out with someone new or spend more time checking out all the inflatables or the concert. Take chances and it will pay off.





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