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An Alternative to a Typical Spring Break

Beginning on March 8th a group of generous Bentley students will be venturing to sunny Florida to build homes for people in need. This unique group of people is called the Alternative Spring Break group. These kids have been selected out of hundreds of students to participate on this trip. They will fly down on the 8th and spend the week, building, insulating, and painting a home for a family in need in Palm Beach County. They have raised money through numerous fundraisers on campus and donations from companies and friends and family. The money raised will help the team this week pay for the tools they will use as well as transportation to the site. This trip is really an eye opening experience and everyone should try to get on it one day. They will return on Saturday March 14th after building a full home in Florida. 

Hey all my name is Claudia Holub. I am currently a senior at Bentley university. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to country music and going on runs!
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