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Accessorize your iPhone 5

The moment we have all been waiting for. The iPhone 5 has hit the shelves. The iPhone 5 was unveiled September 12th in San Francisco. That very day, I called Sprint and pre-ordered mine. It felt like Christmas in September. I am one of the few poor souls left who still has a Blackberry and am desperate to get my hands on the new iPhone – so desperate I am driving home to Rhode Island  just to pick it up. This anticipation has been unbearable. I can’t wait to take my new baby home— It suddenly dawned on me that I need to accessorize this new edition to my tech family, give it a little sparkle.

It’s all about the case when it comes to the iPhone. The sleek and chic iPhone is beautiful, but it needs some personal identity. The case lets you express your personality and style, and with one glance, a stranger can identify who you are. There are so many to choose from and it’s a tough decision on what style you want to adopt. Here are your style options:

For the utilitarian: The Otterbox Defender. This hefty case will keep your iPhone protected from wind, rain, and snow. It also is good for the irresponsible or clumsy.

For the tree hugger: The Groove bamboo case. This sustainable case is made from plant fiber composite and bamboo, and can even have a customized design!

For the retro and eclectic: The cassette case. Fun and funky way to disguise your iPhone!

For the chic: So mysterious, yet so chic with this Kate Spade fashion. What are you looking at?

For the hipster: I mustache you a question? There are no questions here with this case.

For the Prepster: Navy and white stripes with a pink anchor? It can’t get any better.

For the multi-tasker: Wallet? Clutch? Wristlet? iPhone Case? Marc Jacobs gets it right with this little number.

For the girly-girl: What more can the Tiffany & Co. lover ask for? It’s a gift in itself, whether a phone or a diamond ring.


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