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5 Ways to Give Back to the Community this Winter

Even though the holidays are over, and although we cannot volunteer and help our community in person this year as much as we always do, we can still do a few things to still give back this winter. Here are 5 ways YOU can give back.


1. Donate Cans of Food

The COVID-19 pandemic has left over 54 million Americans facing food insecurity and food banks are struggling to keep up with the surge in demand. Donating cans of food is an inexpensive way to help fight food insecurity and help more Americans get meals. Before donating, check with your local food banks to see if they have a demand for a certain item and make sure to check expiration dates on all products you plan to donate. 

2. Donate Unwanted Gifts or Items you no Longer Use 

With the holiday season comes the tradition of gift giving. Sometimes, we receive gifts we do not need or ones that we already have. If this happened to you this holiday season or if you have extra items laying around at home, consider donating them to local thrift stores or children’s charities. Clothing items and toys are best to donate to these organizations. Check in with these organizations before you donate to make sure they can accept your item. 

3. Make a monetary donation

If you can, consider donating to your favorite cause or charity. Remember that no amount is too little to donate! 

4. Shop local

A lot of small businesses have been struggling through the pandemic; support them by buying from them. 

5. Share and Repost Credible Information on Social Media

You do not need to donate physical objects to give back; instead you can share information on social media sites. For example, you can share information about food drives, the coronavirus pandemic, etc. By doing so, you can reach more people and help them get access to whatever they need. Make sure the information you repost comes from a credible and reliable source.

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