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5 Struggles All International Students Have at American Universities

5 Struggles all International Students have at American Universities 

16% of the undergraduate population at Bentley University is international. I’m sure all of us have had class, a group project, lunch, with at least some. The truth is that we are here. We might seem a little confused at times or overwhelmed, but this is just due to the amount of things we have to learn in our first few months as being foreigners.

The truth: before coming to the U.S we believe we are experts in American culture, but the reality is that there is so much we don’t know. So we struggle, and struggle a little more because we can’t understand how the system works. Can’t we just be given a guide? Seriously, live would be so much easier.  So these are the everyday struggles we encounter: 

1.      Spelling and pronouncing words differently than what they are really supposed to be- this is the worst one because you get really confused looks, followed by awkward silences and continuous sweat and embarrassment, until the person finally understands how the “word”.

2.      Being overwhelmed by the huge food-portion sizes – how is that even possible? How can people eat so much? Aren’t there people starving in the world? Clearly not these people, though.

3.      Fearing that every single little infraction will result in you being deported- you overthink everything before going out and doing ANYTHING.

4.      Stressfully finding something to do for Thanksgiving- the alternative: being alone on campus, NO thanks!

5.      And constantly worrying about stereotypes and having to explain misconceptions every time you introduce yourself

Spanish student at Bentley University Class of 2019. Lived at Caracas, Venezuela almost all my life. The oldest of five sisters.
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