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5 Lifesavers That Have Gotten Me Through My First College Semester

After such a daunting past year and a half in zoom school, I was very unprepared for in-person learning, especially in a college setting. The whole prospect of college in general, as well as how it’ll change my life had me really nervous and I was worried about 100 different things. It’s actually insane how there are 3 weeks left of classes and then I will have finals. There is so much I have learned academic-wise and just in general so far at Bentley that has been beneficial in so many ways.

  1. Routine is Key

I am not the type of person who throws themselves into a week without some sort of plan, so establishing a routine was big for me. My planner and Outlook have been extremely key for me these last couple of weeks and are the reason I get anything done! Also, just having syllabi with assignments laid about helps give me an idea of what I need to do before each class. Overall, being organized is a lifesaver and allows me to make time for everything!

  1. Trying new things never hurts!

Something I keep telling myself is that I pay a decent amount to go to school, so I may as well try what they have. Trying out the different food spots around campus has allowed me to test out new things that I either like or hate, and it’s been really eye-opening. I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of burrito bowls before and now I pretty much live and die by Curritos. This also applies to different activities, like painting, which is now something I enjoy doing a lot even though I never cared for it before.


I have done my best to try and go to whatever events an organization is holding and it’s really paid off! Whether it’s just for free food, to hear a guest speaker, or playing some games, every event has some sort of bright spot and they are so much fun to attend! Even if it means freeing up some space in my schedule, they’re perfect opportunities to let loose and have fun or just to have a quick study break!

  1. Try different study spots!

The thing I love most about Bentley is how many study spots there are. From the library to Einstein’s to the bubble, I always know there is somewhere for me to work. I have trouble studying in my room so being able to go anywhere and get a good session in has helped me greatly in my work habits. I thrive in new environments in order to focus so having lots of options has been incredible. A big favorite of mine has to be Einstein’s since it’s such a nice little spot for coffee, bagels, and a strong focus.

  1. Take advantage of resources 

As a freshman, things can definitely be hard at times in many different aspects, whether it’s school-related or personally, so knowing there are a tremendous amount of resources has helped me a lot. Knowing there is somewhere to go when I am having trouble with math, my mental health, studying abroad, etc. has made navigating this process just a little easier.

While these last three months have had their ups and downs,  I am starting to feel more like a college student and less like a scared freshman, so here’s to things going smoothly the rest of the year!

Hanatha Konte

Bentley '25

Hello everyone! I'm Hanatha and a Freshman at Bentley University. I am currently undecided but intend to major in Global Management and Media Arts and Society with a language minor. In my free time, I love to read new books, write, watch and review movies and television, and hang with my friends!
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