5 Last Minute Thoughtful Birthday Gifts

We’ve all done it. You get busy with work or school, and your friend’s birthday is in a few days (or even tomorrow!). You are lost on what to get them, and you’re on a budget. If this is you right now, don’t stress-- this article is for you!


1. Themed Gift Basket

You can go to your local Target, Walmart, or even use Amazon Prime to order your friend’s favorite items! You can do a color theme, sports theme, makeup theme, or even a movie night theme. 

2. Digital Gift Cards

If you cannot go to a store and purchase items for your friend, you should buy digital gift cards! My favorite gift cards to give are Chipotle, Xbox, iTunes, DSW, and so much more!

3. Notebooks, Coloring Books

You can buy a to-do notebook, a journaling notebook, a coloring book, or even a paint-by-numbers coloring book! This would be the perfect gift for anyone who needs a destresser from having a lot of screen time. 

4. Skincare/Makeup/Self Care products

If you’re on a budget, the perfect place to purchase skincare and makeup products is at any drugstore like Target, CVS, or even TJMaxx! Buying self care products like face masks, nail polish, or even your friend’s favorite jewelry would make their birthday special. 

5. Workout Equipment

My favorite places to get workout equipment are Five Below and TJMaxx! I purchased two five-pound dumbbells at Five Below for $5 at the start of the pandemic when other stores were sold out! They always have a variety of workout equipment including yoga mats, jump ropes, kettlebells, and dumbbells. TJMaxx is the perfect place to buy workout gloves, towels, and cute workout clothes!