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5 Emotions You Go Through When Applying for an Internship

Applying for internships isn’t fun, but we have to do it (especially as Bentley students). We put in so much time and effort and most of the time just end up disappointed. Applying for internships can really get the best of anyone’s emotions and may cause you to act in ways you usually wouldn’t.  Here is a depiction of the emotional damage applying for internships has on everyone! 


Formatting your resume and writing cover letter after cover letter can really get the best of you, and the fact that Career Services is booked until May doesn’t help anyone. Before you know it, you’ve applied to over 30 internships and are just anxiously waiting to hear back from them. 


When you finally get an email back from one of the 30 companies you applied to, you realize that the process is far from over, because now it is time to interview. This process can last 1 to 3 rounds, taking anywhere from weeks to months and can be in person, on the phone, or the dreaded video recording. When you finally get that email setting a time and place, you’ll be hit with nerves and a series of questions race through your mind: “What do I say?” – “What do I wear?”- “How can I make this stranger see that I am the person they should hire?”


Even though you may have had a few interviews, it’s hard to stay positive when you also keep receiving rejection letters. You just keep reading emails saying “We regret to inform you…” or “We have decided to move forward with more qualified candidates.” Those things get to you after a while and make you want to curl up in your bed and never leave. It basically feels like your life is over and it’s just not worth getting up in the morning. 


After your period of grief, you can finally see that an internship is not your end-all and be-all. If you get the job, that’s great, but if not, then it’s not the end of the world. You realize that there’s no shame in going home for the summer and enjoying the break while making some money at your old high school job at the local restaurant. 


Finally! You get some positive news. The company that you interviewed with three months ago wants you!! You really don’t even care what the position is or if it pays less than minimum wage because it’s a job, and that’s all that matters. Way to go, you did it, you are officially a real adult!! 

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