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5 Awesome Purchases That Support Breast Cancer


Happy October my fabulous readers! As we spend most of the month getting prepared for Halloween, it’s definitely important that we take a portion of that time to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness! Although we could do our part by participating in the Breast Cancer Walk or donating a dollar at our local supermarkets, I’m here to give my fashionistas a more fashionable approach to this month. I have 5 cute items that you can buy to look and feel amazing this fall! The best part about these items: proceeds from your purchase go towards Breast Cancer research!


1.    Pink-Lokai special edition bracelet- $18


Lokai bracelets have become a girls new fashion stable this past year and the hype only gets bigger and better! To help raise awareness, Lokai has teamed up with Susan G. Komen to create the limited edition pink-Lokai. For each bracelet sold between now and October 31st, one dollar will go to Susan B. Komen to help support their mission to end breast cancer!

Lokai Pink Bracelet


2.    JustFab Mannon Pump- $39.95


JustFab.com is a retailer that’s best known their irresistible shoes. All the money that they make from these gorgeous blush pink pumps will go to the Susan G. Komen fund!

Pink JustFab Pumps



3.    Bobbi Brown- Peony Set- $50


We all love our makeup for those Friday nights out with the girls and Bobbi Brown is giving an offer that’s too hard to refuse! This cute blush and brush combo is perfect to help give your cheeks that natural pink glow we all desire. $12 from every purchase will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

 Bobbi Brown Peony Blush Set


4.    Lisa Hoffman Rose Quartz fragrance necklace- $65

What girl can say no beautiful jewelry? Actually let me rephrase that: What girl can say no to beautiful jewelry that makes you smell amazing?! This gold toned necklace has fragrance beads so it delivers a lovely scent while you wear it around your neck. 100% of the proceeds from this product will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

LH Rose Quartz Necklace



5.    DryBar- Dexox Travel Sized Dry Shampoo- $13

This cute little dry shampoo should be in every girl’s on-the go bag! It contains micro-fine rice powders and golden root extract to help absorb oils and odors and increase hair volume and moisture. One dollar from every purchase will go to City of Hope’s Breast Cancer Research!

Detox Dry Shampoo



Happy Breast Cancer Awareness month to all the phenomenal women out there and happy shopping to all my women who want to help make a change!





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