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24 Signs You Go To Bentley

1.      You monitor your discretionary like your bank account.

2.      Seasons is your least favorite destination on campus.

3.      The amount of emails you receive is equal to amount of times you question why you have so many emails.

4.      One way or another, “wicked” has become a part of your vocabulary.


5.      If it’s not a sweat-induced walk to class, it’s not a walk to class.

6.      Finding a place to park is a deadly game of musical cars.

7.      When people ask where you go to school, you say Boston without hesitation. It’s OK though- BC is guilty too.

8.      Registration day.

Finals week.

Any other day of the semester.


9.      Everyone knows what this little patch of utopia is. If you don’t, you should probably transfer.

10.  You’ve never had less trouble waking up before 8am than on Spring Day.

11.  You know that our school is no joke- look at our trading room!

It’s one of the top ten trading facilities in the country. Magic is made here.

12.  Oh, you don’t have an internship after freshman year? Who are you again?


13.  No internship yet? That’s okay- everyone knows that between BentleyLink and Career Services, you aren’t leaving this institution without a job lined up.

14.  You know that the gym will be jam-packed after winter break.

15.  You start preparing for the cold New England winters as early as possible.

16.  You know that the sports in Boston are pretty die-hard. Life’s tough if you’re not a Patriots, Red Sox, or Bruins fan. You will be questioned.


17.  You have your business calculator and your resume on you at all times.

You know… just in case you pass a tent full of recruiters that are extremely excited to talk about your future on a fine Monday morning.

18.  For each class, you will have a team assignment. And you will likely dislike each and every one of your group members.

19.  Everyone knows GB 112 and 212 are ultimately a punishment for something you did in your previous life.

20.  If you’re not in your appropriate sports team’s gear, you’re most definitely in some freshly ironed khakis and tightly tied oxfords. This photo screams Bentley.


21.  Have you heard of the Bentley ratio? Of course you have.


The women’s center is always active and ready to help. Fear not.

22.  We go to Bentley, the #20 business school in the country. No one can take that away from you. Fear the Falcon.

See that look in his eye… you don’t mess with Flex.

23.  You’re smart, nimble, compassionate, and prepared. And you’re reminded of that every single day. We wake up with greatness in the palm of our hands. We are ready to take the corporate world by storm. 

Like this guy!

24.  Sometimes you may complain that you’re a little “sick of the scene,” but you wouldn’t trade this school for anything. Bentley is 163 acres of pure happiness and it’s all yours.


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