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Making a list of just 15 songs that I don’t take off loop is incredibly difficult. My spotify has over 300 songs on it, if not more, all of which I love for different reasons. So this list is based solely off of songs I can remember from the top of my head. I highly suggest these songs to listen to while studying, working out or any other occasion that calls for music!

1. Vienna (Billy Joel) 
  • As a New Yorker, I absolutely love Billy Joel. This song helps me destress, especially in college. There’s always so much I need to do, but sometimes I can’t do everything. There’s only 24 hours in a day. The standards I need to reach and expectations I need to meet are so high, which becomes stressful. This song reminds me to not burn myself out by working too hard, or doing too much too soon. Often when someone is busy making everyone proud of them, they will forget to prioritize their needs, this song reminds me to slow down.
2. Till Forever Falls Apart (Ashe and FINNEAS) 
  • I have simply not taken this song off loop for the last week. After going through a rough patch with one of my best friends recently, I thought my life was over. This song reminds me that through all of the hardships and rough patches we will go through during our lives, the longevity of our friendship will last forever (I hope)
3. Michelle (The Beatles)
  • Call me old fashioned, but this is my favorite song ever. Yes, I might not listen to it as much as other songs, but I will always go back to this one. My middle name is Michelle, and my parents always sang me this song growing up. I wasn’t named after it, but I will forever say that I was. 
4. Video Games (Lana Del Rey)
  • I was never a diehard Lana fan, but this song has me in a chokehold. I just love everything about this song, from the lyrics to the way it’s sung. Perfection.
5. House Of The Rising Sun (The Animals)
  • I have a younger sister who’s convinced she’s made for broadway. She will not stop singing all day long. I suggested this song to her, and for some reason, she’s incredibly good at singing it. Now that I’m away, I listen to it occasionally because it reminds me of her.
6. American Pie (Don McLean)
  • I have no explanation for this song. One of my best friends introduced me to it and I’ll listen to it when I need a bit of cheering up since I associate this song with him. 
7. Tomorrow (Jimmie Herrod) 
  • I was watching tiktok and saw this cover on America’s Got Talent. Afterwards, I immediately went to find the song because I fell in love with it. I loved watching Annie as a kid, and this was easily one of my favorite songs. This cover brings me back to my childhood. 
8. Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood) 
  • It’s just the season for this song. You can never go wrong with it. 
9. A Million Dreams (The Greatest Showman) 
  • My high school graduation cap was inspired by this song. Not only do I watch this movie religiously, but this song just has such a motivational message behind it. It makes me want to get up and dance.
10. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? (Arctic Monkeys)
  • This song has a very addicting beat and insanely catchy lyrics. It’s one of those songs that has such a long name, but it just works. 
11. Girl on Fire (Alicia Keys)
  • Sometimes you just need a hype song while studying… well here it is. In a male dominated school, sometimes you just need a little boost of confidence. This song never fails to make me feel confident, powerful and strong. 
12. Face It Alone (Queen)
  • When I first discovered this song, I didn’t want to like it. It had already been years since Freddie passed away so I thought it was fake. But now, it’s easily one of my favorite Queen songs. Whenever I listen to my Queen playlist, this will always be the first song I play. 
13. Lost on You (LP)
  • This is my moms favorite song and she got me hooked on it. The lyrics are just addicting and LP’s singing is so satisfying. This song makes me feel vulnerable, yet safe, at the same time. 
14. Kill Bill (SZA)
  • Okay but who doesn’t like this song? 
15. Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor) (Pitbull and T-Pain) 
  • Sometimes you just need a little bit of Pitbull to hype you up. And this is definitely my go to song for that. 

I most certainly forgot some songs in this list, but this is just a snippet of my **amazing** music taste! I highly recommend these songs if you’ve never heard of them!!

Alyssa Galin

Bentley '27

hii I'm Alyssa! I'm from New York City and absolutely love to travel and spend time outdoors. I'm currently a freshman at Bentley University and am planning to major in Corporate Finance and Accounting. I love taking photos of anything and everything. I'm super artsy and also a huge cat person. I love music as well, if you have suggestions let me know on insta! @alyssa.track :)