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13 Unanswered Questions of “13 Reasons Why”

Netflix’s new show 13 Reasons Why is a must-see. Based on the book by Jay Asher, the show explores teenage drama and trauma, leading up to the tragic suicide of Hannah Baker. Since there is only one book, I assumed that there would only be one season of the show—however, after watching the finale, I’m really hoping that we’ll have a second season to look forward to. Here are some of the questions that will (hopefully) be resolved in the next season:


1.)  What will Mr. Porter do with the tapes?


2.)  How will the tapes affect the lawsuit against the school? If the Bakers win, how much money will it be? What will they do with the money?


3.)  Will Bryce be prosecuted?


4.)  Will Alex survive his suicide attempt?


5.)  What is Tyler planning on doing with the guns hoarded in his bedroom?


6.)  Will Justin be alright? What is he planning on doing with the gun and money he stole from his mother’s boyfriend?


7.)  Is Sheri headed to jail? Will she be the only one?


8.)  Will Jessica press charges against Bryce? Will she ever forgive Justin?


9.)  What is Clay’s history with Skye? What will happen with them in the future?


10.)  What’s Skye’s story? Why does she cut herself?


11.)  What was the nature of Tony and Hannah’s relationship? Why did she put him in charge of the tapes?


12.)  Will there be tapes in the next season?


13.)  Will Hannah be in the next season, or will it be centered around another character? Will there even be a season 2?



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