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11 Ways to Have Fun if You’re Staying Home for Spring Break

Going home for spring break?  Jealous of all of your friends’ tropical vacations!? Worried you’ll have nothing to do?  Don’t want to be bored?

Make your own fun at home! You may not think so but there are tons of fun things that you can do. You may even decide to be productive and get some things done.

Here are 11 simple ideas for having fun if you’re staying at home for Spring Break:

  1. Work on a DIY project – Make something cool for your room!  Decoupage a stool or shelves or maybe even make a photo collage
  2. Go on a restaurant tour –  Go on a restaurant tour of your surrounding towns with your best friends to find a new favorite place to eat. Followed by a sleepover to catch up, of course.
  3. Workout – No more excuses, you have nothing else to do.  Get in summer shape. It’s only about 2 months away.  Think of that bikini you’ll want to wear!
  4. Clean out your closet – Go through all of your clothes, especially summer clothes that you’re going to be bringing back to school after break, and donate what you don’t wear, but be HONEST.  If you haven’t worn it in a year, you won’t.  This also gives you the perfect opportunity to SHOP! With nothing else to do, this is just the right time to dedicate a day to upgrading your closet.
  5. Reminisce – Hang out with your family and/or and watch old home videos. Look at old family pictures. There’s nothing like some good reminiscing and catching up with loved ones.
  6. Catch up on school work –  I know it doesn’t sound fun, but you definitely won’t regret it. When you’re back at school and everyone else is stressing out about all the work they need to do, you will be calm and relaxed.
  7. Watch TV – You’ve been busy with midterms, so take some time to veg-out and catch up on all of your favorite TV shows that you’ve been missing. 
  8. Read – When’s the last time you read for fun?  There’s hardly enough time to do the assigned reading while at school, never mind read for pleasure.  Take the time to get lost in another world for a while.  Maybe you haven’t had the time to understand all of the hype over a particular new book, so here’s your chance!
  9. Take a road trip/explore – Grab a few friends and just drive.  Take a few days and a make it a road trip.  Blare music, sing loudly, stop anywhere that catches your eye, and just explore!  Who knows what you’ll find?!
  10. Find a job – Summer is coming, which means summer jobs and internships! It’s that time of year where deadlines for summer work are approaching! Be on top of them.  Update your resume, research some companies, apply, and go on interviews!
  11. Relax – Take a time out! This is a full break from the countless meetings, hours of homework, classes, work, drama, anything and everything. This is a week for you and only you.  Do what will calm and rejuvenate you! 

What is your favorite thing to do while you’re home for Spring Break? Share with us!

Photo source: http://retroviral.net/blog/2011/03/11/

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