The 10 Worst Words in the English Language

Admit it – there are some words that make you squirm: some words that you can’t bear to hear and when you do, they send a shiver down your spine. Naturally, I decided to compose a list of these words. Can you read through the article without cringing?

1.   Pus/Pustule

ONE OF THE WORST WORDS EVER CREATED. Just thinking about this makes me vomit a little in my mouth. Get out of my mind, stupid word.


2.   Moist

I’m pretty sure this word shows up on every “Words I Hate” list ever created, and for good reason.


3.   Crusty

Ew. Anything that can be referred to as “crusty” is not something I want to be near.


4.   Penetrate

Like Fat Amy said, there are only a few times that the use of this word is acceptable. . . Best not to use it in everyday conversation.


5.   Panties

A surprisingly large number of people are opposed to this word- not sure why? Think of your grandmother’s panties . . . You’re welcome.