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10 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Mini-Break

Well, finally! Columbus Day is coming up, which means a mini-break for us college students. Even though we might be wishing for a week long break, there are definitely many fun and exciting things to do on a mini-break.

1. Apple/Pumpkin Picking

It’s the perfect time to enjoy the fall season by apple or pumpkin picking. Even if you might not be a fan of apples or pumpkins, it’s always fun to gather a group of friends/family and spend the day at an apple/pumpkin farm. Not to mention, Halloween is coming up which calls for pumpkin carving!

2. Visit your friend at his/her college

It can be a bummer if you and your friends from home don’t have the same breaks. But that just means you can always take a trip to visit them! It’ll be nice to see friends from home and experience where they go to college for a few days.

3. Go to Boston or New York City

Boston has such great places to visit like Quincy Market, Boston Commons, and Newberry Street –just to name a few, and the best part is, you can go to all those places conveniently by the T. If not Boston, New York City is another great place to visit! Unfortunately you can’t get there easily by the T! But with just a train or bus ride away, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Time Square, are all great sights you won’t regret seeing!

4. Go on a hiking or camping trip

Another wonderful thing about the fall is the beautiful scenic areas. If you want to be adventurous, go on a hike or go camping. You’ll find your peace and quiet while looking at all the colorful autumn leaves.

5. A Fall DIY activity

We all love the ”Do It Yourself” activities and this is an opportunity to be crafty! Want to find fun fall DIY to try out? Pinterest has a variety of ideas to choose from. One of my favorites is pictured above. 

6. Fright Fest: Six Flags

If you have not experienced Fright Fest, that must be your main goal this break! In the spirit of Halloween, Six Flags redecorates their amusement park to a scary, haunted theme park. If you want to be scared and ride rollercoasters, this is something you can’t miss!

7. Flag Football Tournament

Yes, when fall arrives it means football has arrived. But instead of watching Sunday Night football, why not also plan a friendly flag football tournament with friends and family.

8. Attend a Baseball Game

For all the baseball lovers, the season is coming to an end so plan to attend one more baseball game before the season ends. And even if you aren’t a baseball fan, it’s a fun experience especially at Fenway!

9. Find your inner chef

With the fall favorite ingredients- apple, pumpkin, cinnamon you can cook or bake something festive.

10. Do something you wouldn’t ever do

Take a Hot Yoga class, Belly Dancing class, or try Salsa Dancing? New experiences can be daunting but who knows, you might find something you’ll love to continue doing!

This mini-break will give you the right amount of time to stop thinking about group projects, put down the GB textbooks for a few days, and just relax!

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Emmy is currently a junior at Bentley University majoring in Computer Information Systems and minoring in Information Design and Corporate Communications. Besides being a writer for Her Campus, she's also a part of the Business Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. She's a fan of traveling, playing tennis, and eating good food!
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