10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Long-Distance Boo

Valentine’s Day: the day that’s supposed to be dedicated to you and your boo, the day when you can shamelessly be that super annoying, mushy couple, and the day that you and your S.O. will want to be together (even more so than usual).  Long-distance relationships are hard—especially when you can’t be together during Valentine’s Day—but here are some unique gifts your bae will be sure to love.


1.)  Anything personalized; pictures of the two of you will always make for a great gift. A calendar, mug, blanket, photobook, M&M’s—the options are endless!

2.)  A spa gift card! Your significant other deserves to relax and de-stress with a complimentary massage.

3.)  Workout clothes (or everyday clothes that happen to be athletic wear). Lululemon is always a fun indulgence for your partner during the holidays.

4.)  A subscription box of whatever is of interest to him.  They make subscription boxes for almost anything—coffee, shaving, clothes, socks, ties, and even snacks! It’s like Valentine’s Day will occur once a month!

5.)  Chocolate!!! Valentine’s Day is notorious for flowers and chocolates!  Send your boo some chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, or truffles. Trust me, he’ll definitely love it.

6.)  For the not-so chocolate lovers, there is also Edible Arrangements, which feature more fruit and less chocolate.

7.)  A nice sweater. Valentine’s Day always falls in that awkward stage of debating whether you should buy winter or spring clothes.  Luckily, most sweaters are on sale, which makes it the perfect opportunity to buy your partner a gift on a budget.  Try Nordstrom or Bloomingdales for a quality sweater for a reasonable price.

8.)  A handmade book of reasons to love him; for the more creative bunch, make a book of the ABCs of why you love him.

9.)  Matching bracelets.  I know this sounds cheesy, but Wanderer Bracelets makes super cute, basic, gender-neutral bracelets to match with your boo for a good price. Get the initials of you and your partner or the coordinates of a special place that the two of you share.

10.)  YETI.  In the transition from winter to spring, everyone needs a versatile bottle where they can put a liquid of their choice.  These high-end bottles keeps your hot liquids hot and your cold liquids cold—right until your very last sip.




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