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10 Spring and Summer Trends to Update your Wardrobe

As a self-proclaimed style guru, I am obsessed with all of the newest trends, from Gucci and Chanel all the way to Fashion Nova, Zara, and Target. I have been watching and re-watching all of the latest runway shows and Spring/Summer ’18 releases, and truly cannot get enough of them! From these, I’ve compiled a list of the top trends I think will be huge this Spring and Summer—so to all you fashionistas out there, keep these looks on your radar. 

Pearl Studded ANYTHING

Whether it is a pearl studded sweater, jeans, handbag, or shoes, this is a must-have trend for the season! I bought a pearl-studded sweater from Zara last fall, thinking it may be a bit audacious, but now I see them everywhere! I even saw a picture of our beloved First Daughter Ivanka wearing the same one I had—at which point I knew I must have discovered something good!


The ‘80s are back, people! Throughout the past couple of years, we have been seeing a resurgence of trends brought back from the ‘70s and ‘90s, like tracksuits and denim-on-denim. Now we are finally starting to see the trends of the 1980s come back into style, too! 

A couple things I’ve noticed in some of the latest designer fashion collections are the big shoulder look/shoulder pads, chunky sneakers, and patchwork denims 

Shoulder Pads (Anthropologie) 

Chunky Sneakers (Gucci)

LOUD Logos

Have you seen the Spring/Summer ‘18 Gucci collection from Milan Fashion Week? This collection says it all. Big, obnoxious logos all over everything are back—and truly, the bigger the better! This means you can pull out those heavily branded Abercrombie and Hollister t-shirts from middle school and you’ll fit right in this Spring!

Balmain, Fendi

Belt Bags 

Not quite a fanny pack, but almost! That’s right, the most convenient bag ever is back and better than ever. Some of the top designers from NYFW featured this cute pouch-like bag in their collections. 

Summer Plaids

Winter is almost over, so you’ve probably already put away those Christmas-y plaid sweaters and tartans—but wait! The plaid style is in for this spring/summer, too…with a little bit of a twist, of course. Designer like Alexander McQueen and Versace were photographed with fun, summery plaid patterns on the runway recently—so think twice before swearing off plaids for the season!

Glitter, Glitter, and More Glitter!

Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter and make it rain! This trend is a little bit too much for me personally, but I love all of the all glittery outfits I’ve seen on the runways. I just couldn’t personally pull that look off, but I bet some of you can! Next time you’re out looking for a party dress or going-out outfit, think glitter. A girl can never go wrong with a little sparkle!

Left to Right: Michael Kors, Sachin & Babi, Coach 1941, Oscar de la Renta, and Marc Jacobs SS ’18


This is one trend that I hope is recyclable! Though it may not have a place in my personal wardrobe, I think it’s an incredible look. The touch of clear plastic or plastic-like materials in an outfit injects it perfectly with style—creating a new, cooler silhouette. It’s fun and playful, but can also be taken seriously if it needs to be!

The Deconstructed Trench

The trench coat has always been a wardrobe essential, and a very classy piece. This season, the old trench is getting a new spin. Many have been featured with different materials, bright colors, or unique finishes that create a sort of 2-in-1 illusion when you wear it. It may look like a typical trench from afar, but up close, there’s so much more!

Burberry Deconstructed Cropped Trench


It’s getting hot in here…so take off all your clothes (no, not literally). Half-see-through dresses are, in my opinion, one of the most interesting yet controversial styles of the season. Some of the dresses I’ve seen are absolutely gorgeous, except for the fact that they’re completely transparent! I’m not going to say I 100% recommend this trend, but if you have the right occasion and want to make a statement, you go girl!

Vintage Florals

This is definitely one of my favorite trends of the season! You can never go wrong with a good floral. It can be subtle, make a statement, add a romantic touch, or be fun and playful—all at the same time!

Dolce and Gabbana




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