10 Pick Up Lines You Only Hear at Bentley

Being a girl here at Bentley, you know we are outnumbered, by a lot. The drastic Bentley ratio makes girls rare to find, leading to boys to say the craziest things to get our attention. Here are 10 pick-up lines you’d only here are Bentley:


1.     Give me your discretionary so I know it’s real

2.     Girl you are more popular than chicken nuggets on a Thursday night.

3.     Baby, I’ll walk up from lower just for you.

4.     I’d steal food from Seasons for you any day.

5.     Bentley is paratus, and so am I.

6.     Please don’t be as hard to find as a parking spot at Bentley.

7.     I’d wait out the last minute on the washing machine with you.

8.     Are you an accounting major? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.  

9.     Hey girl, I have a 401k.

10.  Are you the Smith stairs? Because you take my breath away.