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10 Ideas for your Christmas list this holiday season.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Think about these when making your dream wishlist!

  1. Makeup

Because who doesn’t love to try new brands?

  1. Clothes

A given!

  1.  Perfume

Always need to restock.

  1.  Slippers

Can never have too many Uggs.

  1.   Skincare

A necessity.

  1.  Decor

To keep your dorm cozy & cute!

  1.  Merch

From your favorite celebrity or artist!

  1. Winter Jacket/Puffer Jacket

Stay warm and stylish!

  1.  Vinyls/CDs

Music fixes everything.

  1.  Giftcards

Can’t go wrong!

Hi I’m Charlotte! I am from Wakefield MA and a current marketing major at Bentley University. I love anything social & creative; I mainly write about beauty, fashion, and pop culture! You can find me shopping any day of the week or at Starbucks :)