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The 10 Emotions You Experienced When You Heard That Brangelina Split

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

At approximately 11 o’clock on September 20, 2016, the world as we knew it exploded. Hollywood’s most famous celebrity couple announced that they were splitting up. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who had been together since 2004, are no longer Brangelina. This caused many emotions to run rampant in everybody’s minds (even those who “don’t care about celebrities”).

Here are the 10 stages of emotions that we experienced:

1. Shock: Wait, what does that Buzzfeed alert say? Brad and Angelina broke up?? What???

2. Disbelief: Okay, Brangelina would NEVER break up. This is obviously a joke, right?

3. Sobbing: OKAY, I cannot handle this break up. They were supposed to last forever!!

4. Anger: How could they do this to me? How DARE they break up?!

 5. Obsession: Let me check every single website that I can think of to learn every single detail about this “separation.”

6. Fear: Wait, does this mean that love doesn’t exist?

7. Depression: Love does not exist. I will never find it and will never be happy.

 8. Acceptance: Maybe I shouldn’t be this upset over a couple that I have never met…

9. Forgiveness: They deserve all the happiness in the world, and maybe this will be a good thing for them.

10. Jen Aniston: Hmmm, I wonder what Jennifer Aniston is thinking right now.


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