10 Beautiful Pictures of Class Notes that are Serious Study Goals

When studying for finals, it’s easy to get into a disorganized rut that can be rather discouraging. For the all-too-frequent instances when that happens, here are some truly stunning pages of notes that will definitely inspire you to keep going!


This color-coded ensemble, complete with a reference key for the reader…


The picturesque diagrams, columns, and subtitles make this seem like it was taken straight out of a textbook.


A moment of appreciation for all of these different titles…


Bonus points because this one relates to GB 214!


Loving the pastels to get us into the spring spirit!


Proof that a simple highlighter goes a long way in improving your note-taking.



Currently obsessing over the flag-banners around each of these subtitles…


Aesthetic: 10/10


The calligraphy mixed with the sectioned-off, color-coded boxes? Divine.


How. Is. This. Possible?!



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