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With the start of Spring semester quickly approaching, it’s time to prep all your stuff from buying textbooks, to packing your bag! We have a LOT to keep track of as college students, need a little help remembering what to pack for the first day back in class? I got you. Here are 10 Backpack Essentials that make up my must-have items:

1.) Planner- Although everything is online these days, nothing beats a planner that you can hold in your hands and write in to keep track of all your assignments, important events, and due dates. This is always the first thing I throw in my bad before heading out for the day!

2) A Water Bottle- Ok, this one technically goes outside your backpack…but it is one of the most crucial essentials to always have with you. Staying hydrated throughout the school day will improve your health, mood, and focus.

3.) School Supplies (duh)- This includes everything from pens, pencils, and highlighters to any notebooks or folders you may want to have handy in class. Sometimes nothing beats taking notes by hand in a physical notebook, so have one ready to stay more alert during lectures!

4.) Tech Gadgets- In our digital age, we cannot go ANYWHERE without our phones, so that one’s a given. But you’ll also most likely need your laptop and headphones to bring into class with you or take into the library to get some work done. P.S. Don’t forget your laptop and phone chargers!

5.) Hand Sanitizer- Hands-down (pun-intended), this item is a non-negotiable to always have in your bag for obvious health reasons. I recommend getting a mini sprayable one for your backpack since they’re the quickest to apply and easiest to share with friends.

6.) A Mask- There’s no way to disguise this one either. As we are attending classes and events in person amidst the spread of Covid-19, it’s always a smart decision to a (or a few extras) carry with you. Something this simple can help maintain your health and others’ during the semester.

7.) Lip Balm- In the Winter months, I also find that our lips get extra chapped, so having our fav lip-gloss or lip balm is a must to keep us feeling (and looking) cute on campus.

8.) Rollerball Perfume- If you’re anything like me, you love feeling fresh and smelling good, so you should throw a rollerball mini of your go-to perfume in your bag. I love having one of my signature scents, Sol de Janerio’s “Sol Cheirosa” perfume with me since it reminds me of summer and just smells amazing!

9.) Gum- Who doesn’t love gum? I love chewing it while studying, sitting in class, or after eating for increased focus and that minty-fresh taste. Be that girl who always has gum on you and trust me your friends with thank you later.

10.) Snacks- Last, but certainly not least, snacks are a backpack essential for heading back to class. Some of my go-tos to grab before heading out of my dorm include bars, trail mix, fruit, or anything with dark chocolate in it. These types of snacks are good brain fuel and satisfy my sweet tooth and appetite when the hunger spikes between classes! Having a few extra snacks on hand in your bag is something your future self is bond to thank you for. Avoid being hangry later, by throwing a few granola bars in there now!

Anna Cestone

Bentley '24

I am a Sophomore at Bentley University, majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communication major and minoring in Marketing. Being more of a creative-type, my passions include writing, photography, the beach, dogs, fashion, traveling and food!
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