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Why You Should Skimm

With so much access to the media, it’s difficult to know what news is important to read and what news is relevant to you. There are so many options of news sites to read from, and there are so many that also include biases. This can make it difficult to discern where you stand on an issue when there are so many sides to the story. 

The Skimm is a media company that was founded in 2012. They have a newsletter and now an app through which you can dive deeper into the content provided. It is written for women by women, and delivered to your email inbox every morning from Monday to Friday. The Skimm presents top news stories in a straightforward manner. They respond to questions that people often ask about news stories, such as “Why does this matter?” and cuts every email down into a summary of a few sentences. 

The emails are short, free, and have links to articles if you want to read more about the topics presented. Along with serious news stories The Skimm includes funny stories, upcoming news, and companies that give discounts to people who subscribe to The Skimm. Overall, I really like receiving this newsletter. It’s an easy way to get access to news stories without having to worry about too much bias. The Skimm is very transparent, for example any time there is a sponsored section of the newsletter they tell you that they may get something in return if you purchase from the advertised company. They also talk about the importance of voting, what’s going on in sports, what to pack, and so much more in the guides section of their website. They’ve got an answer for everything!

Staying informed is so important in our current political climate. If you want to sign up, you can do so here

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Rachelle is a junior at Belmont University. She is studying music therapy and has a minor in psychology and hopes to work in hospice someday. Along with writing, she enjoys reading, learning new musical instruments, and spending time with friends. 
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