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Going off to college eight hours away from home is not easy for anyone. College is a huge transition, and sometimes it may even seem like you have no idea why you have chosen this place, this career, and this major. For me, I have always wanted to be in the entertainment industry. But not as a performer, oh no, I could never do that! I want to be on the business side. I love everything about live entertainment, like shows and sports events. I love everything digital media as well, and that’s why I picked up a minor in public relations. Being an entertainment industry major is tough for sure, but here are some of the things I’ve learned from it.


1. It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows YOU! 

You may have heard the age old expression “It’s all about who you know” but I’ve learned that it’s really not. I can tell people that I know x,y, and z but if they don’t know me, what good is it? If we don’t have that connection and they can’t vouch for my skills, what good did it do for me to name drop them? Not a lot.


2. First impressions are everything! 

The first time you meet someone can set the tone for the relationship you set up further down the line. Putting your best foot forward is something they really stress to us in my major, and they give us plenty of preparation before we go out to that first interview.


3. It’s okay to be different!

Different people have different personalities, and as I am learning from my Managing Organizations in Entertainment class, managing creative people can be very hard. Going to school in Nashville, I am surrounded by music. While I love music, it’s not what I want to do with my career, unlike most of my peers in my major. But I’m learning to be okay with it. I’m learning to be confident in the fact that I want to work for Disney, or the NHL, or the WWE. If I’m not confident now, I never will be why I enter the workforce.


4. Follow your passions!

Listen to your heart, and in the words of Kacey Musgraves, “follow your arrow wherever it points.” You’re passionate about service? Explore that! You’re passionate about the environment? Explore that! You can make a career out of your passions, as I hope to do one day. Don’t let anyone tell you that your passions are dumb, because if it means that much to you, it’s obviously important. 


Whether you are majoring in entertainment, or even a completely different field, these tips apply almost anywhere!

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