The Ultimate Summer Bucket List: Nashville Edition

Great news: It's almost summer break! Most college students spend their summers interning, working or studying abroad, but it's what you do in the downtime that really makes the summer memorable. If you plan on spending most of your summer in Nashville, but you have no idea how to spend the weekends, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. 1. Check out the Renaissance Festival

    I know, it sounds super nerdy. But I've been going to this festival since middle school and it's a really unique experience. If you're into buying artisinal jewelry, if you love cool shows, or if you just want to eat some fun festival food, you won't regret going. The festival happens every weekend in May, so there are plenty of chances to go. And yes, that is the castle where Taylor Swift's Love Story music video was filmed. 

  2. 2. Do a Photoshoot with Friends Downtown

    My favorite spot to take pictures is the pedestrian bridge. All the murals on 12th and 21st are awesome, but there are some incredible hidden places in Nashville that make for unique photos. This picture was taken in a tiny random alley off of Printer's Alley. Nashville has NO bad angles. Just be safe and be smart, and you can get some awesome pictures with the added bonus of exploring the not-so-touristy parts of downtown Nashville.

  3. 3. Visit the Nashville Zoo

    I LOVE the Nashville Zoo. As a Nashville native, I've been going there since I was in preschool. Zoos do incredible things for conservation, and they help educate so many people. The Nashville Zoo has beautiful, natural enclosures that allow you to see animals in the type of habitat they deserve. It's a little pricey, but it's worth it to get to explore such a huge and gorgeous place.

  4. 4. Take a Walk at Radnor Lake

    Radnor Lake is a popular state park in the Nashville area with gorgeous walking trails. Go for a hike, jump in the lake, or just sit in nature and take it all in. 

  5. 5. Watch the Fourth of July Fireworks Show

    You can see these from pretty much anywhere in the city, but it's worth it to head to Ascend Ampitheater to hear the Nashville Sympony play right before the fireworks go off. 

When you spend the summer in Nashville, you really can't go wrong. There are always festivals happening, there are some awesome farmers markets, and there are plenty of places to shop and eat. Try to get out of your comfort zone and make some Nashville memories! People always complain that they wasted their summer in front of the TV, so take this list as motivation to get out and do something fun. You definitely won't regret spending your summer exploring Music City.

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