The Ultimate 2018 Fall Bucket List

Now that we're in the middle of fall, it's time to get in some last-minute fall activities. These are all pretty classic, but they're necessary for having no regrets once winter comes around. It's so important to get outside while the weather is still nice, especially if you have seasonal depression or get cabin fever in the winter. Here are some ideas to make the most out of fall.

Go on a hike

Tennessee is absolutely beautiful in the fall. Take advantage of this natural beauty and go hiking! Radnor Lake is a popular spot, but you can go anywhere to spend some quality time in nature before it gets too cold. If hiking isn’t your thing, walk down 12 South or go to a park and enjoy the fall colors. This season doesn’t last long in Nashville, so go outside as much as possible while you still can.

Meet a friend for coffee

This sounds simple, but fall is the perfect time to show your friends you’re grateful for them. The cozy vibes you get from your latte and your conversation will surely put you in a good mood.

Bake something

Now is the perfect time to experiment with apple pie recipes. Invite your significant other or a friend over to bake something warm and make memories together. Not only will you end up with some yummy comfort food, but you’ll get to try a new skill and spend time with someone you love.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean you can’t go to a pumpkin patch anymore! Pumpkin patches perfectly set the mood for fall. Find one that sells hot chocolate and apple cider, has a corn maze, and has a hay ride for the ultimate fall experience.

Watch a spooky movie

It doesn't matter if it's Stephen King, Tim Burton or Disney: all that matters is that you snuggle up and watch a movie you love.

Get in front of or behind the camera for a photo shoot with a friend 

The fall foliage is a perfect backdrop for 'grammable photos. Put on your cutest sweater and scarf and go explore Nashville! There are tons of hidden places that are perfect for photos, allowing for a fun all-day activity, or for a quick photo shoot between classes and work. 

Go to a college football game

You can head to a game right here in Nashville to cheer on the Vanderbilt Commodores, or you can head over to UT for an even more intense SEC experience. Just because we're a basketball school doesn't mean we don't love fall football in the South!


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