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Tips for Time Management

I was once the biggest procrastinator I knew. Then I got to college and realized that just wouldn’t work. Being a full time student with an internship and a part time job I had to learn how to manage my time efficiently and keep life as stress free as possible. Below are some of the most helpful tips I’ve picked up along the way!

Make a List

I find that creating short to do lists for the day helps to keep everything in order and insure that everything gets done. I suggest arranging by due date so that you know when things have to absolutely be done by. It also helps to keep in mind how long each item will take to complete. Just because something is the last thing due doesn’t mean that you can’t slowly work on it while you finish the things that are due immediately.

Keep a Planner

Dates and times can get confused so easily, which is why keeping an updated planner is so important. In college you could have two group meetings, lunch with a friend, and two essays due. Keeping up with all of that without putting it down somewhere will most likely result in missing something. I find that keeping a weekly planner on my desk while also keeping my calendar on my phone updated allows me to stay on top of everything on my plate. 

Take Breaks

Mental breaks are so important, especially when you’ve been working on a big assignment or paper. I’ve found the best way to take breaks, but be able to come back focused to my work, involves shorter breaks with a clear end point. Productive breaks I have found for myself include catching up with a friend over the phone, brewing and drinking a cup of coffee or tea while listening to a playlist, or watching one episode of something on Netflix. All of these activities allow for time away from the stress of the task at hand while also giving a definite end to the break, cutting down on procrastination. 

Stay Healthy

You won’t be able to focus on anything if you’re sick. Keeping on top of your health through regular exercise and nutritional eating will allow you to spend less time fighting sickness and more time to get your work done and enjoy the rest of your free time. Most universities offer fitness classes multiple times a week so I suggest finding one or two that interest you and build that into your schedule. I really enjoy going for walks around campus and at local parks. I’m able to clear my head and get some fresh air. Getting friends to join you in your fitness and healthy eating plans adds accountability and encouragement, making it easier and way more fun. 

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Megan is a second year student at Belmont University, located just outside of downtown Nashville. On any given day you can find her creating a Spotify playlist, jotting down some poetry or searching for a new vintage clothing store. If you go an entire conversation with her and don't hear something about her undying love for Elton John, you didn't talk to her long enough.
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