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Tips for Apartment Hunting

Because the second semester is starting, it’s also the prime time to start checking out a place to live for the summer if you aren’t going home for the summer!


A good first step to apartment hunting is finding a website you can easily navigate to uncover all of your options. My favorites are Zillow and apartments.com; these two sites can be a great resource to save the complexes you like, and oftentimes can give you contact information for the establishment so you can contact them as soon as possible.


Look at what you can afford, otherwise you might waste your time looking at unrealistic places. Set a minimum and a maximum rental price, and try to stay below the max unless you feel like you need to pay a little more to get what you want. Be sure to consider the cost of utilities, cable, and internet.


Don’t just look at the apartment complex’s website. Be sure to check multiple sources to make sure where you’re looking is safe and a pleasant place to be. Just because their website looks phenomenal does not mean their environment will match up.


Do you regularly work out? Are you too busy to go to a laundromat? If yes, perhaps you should try to find a place that will offer these extras with no extra pay onto your rent. Other conveniences include secure parking/entrances, pools, rehearsal spaces, bike racks, etc.


Occasionally, you will find sales which would take an advertised percentage off of your lease. Make sure you know how long you will want to live there, and jump on the opportunity if you are ready!


I cannot encourage anyone enough to go visit your prospective apartments ahead of time! Call the number listed on their website and set up an appointment. By doing this, you will know the feel of the space and truly know if you could see yourself living there.

Happy hunting!

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