Taylor Swift Showed Up at Target and Nashville Lost its Mind

Taylor Swift visited a Nashville Target on November 14th and everyone lost their minds. Taylor followed her decade long tradition of going out and buying her album in Nashville. She posted on her Instagram story shortly before heading over to the Target on White Bridge Road with a small entourage.

A lot of lucky fans got the chance to have a short conversation, take pictures, and get autographs from Taylor. A very lucky Belmont student was given the chance of a lifetime and opportunity to thank Taylor for all she has done for her.

Ally Lubera just happened to be at Target when Taylor walked in: “I wasn't even supposed to be there in the first place.” After a mix up with her credit card Ally had simply returned to purchase the items she had  tried to buy at an earlier time that day. “My friend and I were waiting by the customer service counter for an employee to find my bags that were on hold...We were facing the entrance and talking when the doors opened, and a group of beautiful, made up women walked into the room.  We each did a double-take, then turned to each other and, almost simultaneously, said, “Oh my goodness…is that…Taylor Swift?!” Ally explained that after her entrance they followed Taylor around for a bit not wanting to bother her when Taylor turned to them and told them they could talk to her.

Taylor went on to explain her tradition to Ally and her friend as they headed to grab copies of the CD. Taylor snapped pictures with Ally as they had some extra time to talk before the rest of Nashville caught on to Taylor Swift being down the street. Ally got the chance to thank Taylor for being such a strong influence to her as they talked for a bit: “I just have to say.  You inspired me to learn to play guitar and write songs as a kid, and now I live in Nashville pursuing a career in music. That is all because of you. Thank you so much for being an incredible influence.” Taylor’s response was nothing but gracious as she thanked Ally and wished her luck in her career.

Ally explained after saying goodbye she went into an aisle to call her mom and cry- the same thing I think a lot of us would do in that situation. After having a moment Ally realized she hadn't had Taylor sign anything and made her way back through the crowd with a target exclusive copy of Reputation and had Taylor happily sign a copy for her. “and just like that, she checked out of Target, waved back at us, and walked back out the doors. My friend and I spent the next half hour sitting in Target, watching the Instagram stories pop up long after she left...”


This wasn't just another chance encounter with a celebrity that so many Belmont students experience living in the heart of music city, for Ally it was a once in a lifetime chance to thank someone who has inspired her to pursue her career: “I cannot express in words how much it meant to me that I got the opportunity to thank Taylor for her music and influence. She is the reason I do music, but never in a million years did I think I’d have the opportunity to tell her that.” Ally is currently pursuing a career in music as a student at Belmont University “Taylor Swift has actually been my biggest role model since I got her Fearless CD for my tenth birthday.  That year, Taylor and her songs influenced me to learn how to play the guitar.” Ally recently got to perform at the Curb Cafe on Belmont’s campus and has a bright future studying commercial voice and songwriting here at Belmont. Like so many millennial girls with stars in their eyes Ally has Taylor to thank for inspiring her to get where she is today, that doesn't discount meeting Taylor Swift in any way. “Now, I will never buy the whole “never meet your heroes” concept, because Taylor Swift was everything I had hoped she’d be and so much more.”

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