Staying Organized in the New Semester

Second semester is hard. Everyone is tired, and going back to school after being at home for so long is both great and awful. On one hand you get to see your friends; on the other hand, class starts up again. It can be hard to stay organized and motivated but here are some tips to do just that.

1. Color-coding: Designate a color for each class and write in your planner using those colors. For example, your math assignments will all be in blue, or science all in green. This way when you look at your planner and see “test” written in a certain color you will know what class it’s for.

2. Bullet journal: Keeping a bullet journal is an easy way to keep track of your schedule and your habits. You can mark down which days you study which subjects, when things are due, or where your classes are all in the same notebook! Bullet journals also give more flexibility than planners do. This allows you to be more creative while also staying organized.

3. Folders: Get a folder for each class. Even if there’s not many handouts for a class besides the syllabus, you’ll want to keep everything together and in one place. This way you know where the important papers are; especially when it's time to study for that big test! 

4. Self-care: Don’t forget to take some time for you! This will keep you motivated in school work as it will help you keep a healthy balance. Even if it’s something small like buying yourself a coffee or a new nail polish. You can’t do your best in classes and be a good friend if you’re not taking care of yourself. Be good to you so you can be good to others!

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