Spotify Sessions: Macey Howell

Name: Macey Howell

Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN

Year: Sophomore

Major: Publishing and English double major

Role at Her Campus: Senior Editor

What is your favorite genre? Classic rock

What types of songs are on your top 20 list

 I’m drawn to songs with lyrics that I really connect with or songs that I can imagine fitting a scene or character in my creative writing. My music tastes are definitely eclectic--I listen to rock, folk, classical, 80’s pop, big band, indie...pretty much everything. Currently, I’m really into creating playlists to fit a certain mood or moment, like songs about reading and writing or songs about witches for when I’m walking down the sidewalk and want to feel like a femme fatale.

How has your music tastes changed over the years?

I’ve definitely become more open to trying different genres, and I’ve found myself loving genres that at one point I didn’t like--hello, 80’s pop. Also, I used to listen to single songs, but now I tend to listen to albums in their entirety so I can pick up on the transitions and narratives within the connected songs.

Describe the best concert that you’ve ever been to:

I saw St. Paul and the Broken Bones at the Ryman in February and it was fantastic. Paul Janeway, the lead singer, came on stage wearing a black, sequined cape and looked so regal. Not only does he have the voice of an angel, but he can still sing while performing and rolling around on the stage. No joke, he sounds better live than in his recordings.

What do you listen to when you drive?

One of my favorite things to do is turn on the radio and sing along (admittedly badly) to songs that I’ve never heard before. It’s a uniquely freeing experience.

What do you like to listen to when you study?

I’m easily distracted by lyrics in songs, so I typically listen to movie soundtracks when I study. Some really intense ones that make homework kinda fun are The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack and the Dunkirk soundtrack.

What was the first concert you remember going to?

The first concert I went to was Live on the Green in 2016! (I’m a late concert bloomer, I know.) The communal, crazy energized feeling of being smushed in with a bunch of strangers took a bit of getting used to, but I got to see BORNS play live and it was totally worth it even if I got elbowed a few times.

If you could meet any artist for coffee, who would it be and why?

Hands down I would have coffee with Dolly Parton. She’s one of my idols, and I love how sparkly and honest and witty she is. Honestly, I want to be more like Dolly, and I would ask her how she’s stayed so grounded over the years.

What upcoming album/new release/new band has you excited?  

Hozier just released a new album called Wasteland, Baby! and it’s a great mix of jams, moody songs, and really thought-provoking lyrics. I’ve listened to it about three times so far and pick up on new things with each listen.

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