Songs From a Room: Sofar Sounds

Have you ever gone to a concert and had the experience completely ruined by the person next you texting on their phone the whole time? Or maybe it was because the drunk guy in front of you kept talking over your favorite artist, who you just spent an excessive amount of money to see perform. Sofar Sounds is an organization that gives you the concert experience you have been craving for. In over 371 cities worldwide, people gather in one room to see handpicked musicians perform. The purpose behind Sofar Sounds is for the audience to simply be where their feet are and listen to the music. It is so easy to waste the $100 you spend on a concert by getting distracted by all the noise that surrounds you. The only noise that should hold your attention should be from the music itself.

I fell in love with Sofar this year, when I spent the summer back home in Chicago. I saw incredible performances by artists that I now love in really unique environments. One show was in some guy’s upscale loft in Wicker Park and another show was in the attic of a garden shop in West Town. Sofar delivers more than just music. The intimacy of the experience is an atmosphere that you simply cannot get at any other music venue. Plus, the shows are only $15 dollars a ticket! If you want to explore your city more, listen to great music, look up what is happening with Sofar in your city @ There are plenty of ways to get involved besides being an audience member. You can host a show, apply to perform, or volunteer to be apart of their fabulous team. Change the way you listen to music and check out Sofar Sounds today.

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