A Sit Down with the Queen (Songwriter): Regan Rousseau

I recently sat down with talented singer/songwriter Regan Rousseau and talked to her about her experience with songwriting and the Nashville music scene the past three years. Her songwriting is truly captivating, so make sure you check out her music on her soundcloud: Regan Roussea and her instagram: @reganrousseau

Major, Year, Hometown

Songwriting and English major, Junior, Newbury Park, CA

When did you start writing?

I’ve been filling journals with poetry and stories my whole life but I started seriously writing songs when I got my first guitar in 6th grade (it was a sparkly hot pink — very Hannah Montana)

What brought you to Belmont/Nashville?

The songwriting program and the fact that it’s right in Nashville is what brought me to Belmont.

Biggest musical influences?

Alison Krauss, The Dixie Chicks, Chris Isaak, Toby Keith, Stevie Nicks, Norah Jones, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain

If you could shadow one songwriter/artist who would it be and why?

If I could shadow one songwriter it would be Lori McKenna.  She writes novels in so few words. I don’t know how to even praise her enough.  Just listen to her!!!

In your opinion, who is killing it in the music industry right now?

In my opinion, people who are killing it in the industry right now are the people who are singing about relevant issues like Maren Morris with her new song “Dear Hate.”  It’s kind of hard to appreciate cute pop lyrics with everything going on in the world, but that’s just me, idk.

What’s your songwriting process like?

Writing on my own the process is basically just plucking random strings and making random chord shapes on the guitar until something sparks a melody in my head and then I just build the lyric around a concept I think is cool.  This semester I’ve been trying to co-write three or four times a week and saying yes to writing with anyone and everyone. Also I recently discovered I re-write really well during class (sorry mom and dad) because I’m already in an analytical mindset and can revisit the lyric without the music getting in the way. 

Who’s on repeat on your Spotify lately?

Songs on repeat — “Gateway Love” by Thomas Rhett, “I’m the Only One” by Melissa Etheridge, “Sexual” by NEIKED.

What do you think the biggest challenge as a songwriter in Nashville has been so far for you?

I think the’s this pressure of “ if you wouldn’t rather die than give up on your dream it won’t come true.” But I think it’s ok to want it to stay this fun, exciting, magical thing it was growing up.  If it ever stops being that, what’s the point anyway?  You’ve just gotta find a healthy balance of the hustle and the love for it without worrying about what everyone else is doing.

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