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1. Jane the Virgin 

This show is about a family of three women who live in Miami. It’s based on a telenovela from Venezuela, so if you like drama and being left with cliffhangers, this is the show for you. It just finished it’s last season and all five are on Netflix, so start watching! 


2. Parenthood

This show also follows a family and their struggles. All the seasons are on Netflix, and if you like This Is Us, you’ll definitely like Parenthood! It’s a feel good show that will make you laugh and cry, and it is definitely worth your time. 


3. Sherlock

This show has extremely long episodes and the seasons only have a few episodes each, but this show will take twists and turns that you never expected. If you like mystery and trying to figure out who did it before the characters do, then this is the show for you. 


4. Dead to Me

Dead to Me is another show that has lots of twists and turns. There is currently only one season, but it’s a show that I could not stop watching. It’s about two women who meet in a grief support group, become best friends, and the chaos that ensues. 


5. How To Get Away With Murder

This is a show that has almost everything; it has family issues, twists and turns, tug-at-your-heartstrings moments, and also moments where you think the characters are dumb. Needless to say, this show is addicting and you should definitely watch it. 

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Rachelle is a junior at Belmont University. She is studying music therapy and has a minor in psychology and hopes to work in hospice someday. Along with writing, she enjoys reading, learning new musical instruments, and spending time with friends. 
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