A Review of John Mayer's Honest New Song

This past Friday, John Mayer, guitar player extraordinaire, put out a raw, honest new single. It’s called “I Guess I Just Feel Like," and he gave listeners a first look back in October. John wrote the song backstage and performed it that same night, for a crowd of lucky fans.

His take on the song is very simple and country-like. This song is about being understood. Masses of people around the world can relate to it. It starts out with a single acoustic guitar and soon after, his voice, letting out thoughts expressing his emotions on the world today. It has two bluesy guitar solos, as expected. They’re like a John Mayer trademark.


With lyrics like, “I guess I just feel like nobody’s honest, nobody’s true, everyone’s lying, to make it on through, I guess I just feel like I’m the same way too,” the new single sets a very different mood to last year’s “New Light”. “New Light," a pop tune about pursuing an uninterested partner, is playful and fun. “I Guess I Just Feel Like” sets a scene of a saddened Mayer that is feeling beaten down by the world and the way people are today.


But it doesn’t end leaving you all sad about the world. If you make it through the first of the two guitar solos, the last verse offers a lot of optimism, and could be taken as good advice by the listener. “But I know that I'm open, and I know that I'm free, and I'll always let hope in wherever I'll be, and if I go blind I'll still find my way, I guess I just felt like, giving up today.”

This was the light at the end of the tunnel. Mayer was basically saying that although he feels like calling it quits for the day, he isn’t scared to let in any future hope about finding genuine honesty and positivity in his future. This is amazing advice for people who just feel like giving up in their daily lives due to increased stress and artificial people. There will be a solution, and there are some real relationships and amazing things to look forward to. John Mayer claims that he knows that this single won’t be a hit, but he put it out anyways, just so people could feel understood, and he could as well.

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