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Profile: Harlee Griffin

Name: Harlee Griffin

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Major/Minor: Entertainment Industry Studies, Minors in History and Music Business

Graduation Date: Dec 2020

What do you want to do with EIS/What made you choose is?

I chose EIS because upon graduation and while I am looking for internships I have several different options in film, sports, music. I really want to find a way to combine history and entertainment industry into one career and EIS is giving me a platform to do that.

If you could major in anything, what would it be?

I actually really like my major, it’s everything I want to do. I have a side passion for space and I would love to go to astronaut school if that's a thing.

What are you involved in on campus?

I'm involved women in entertainment where I am the Vp marketing, Belmont Film Society, Our ECO Club, and Hiking Club! 

Favorite part about Belmont?

I really just love the community. I always love seeing everyone I know around campus. It's really great that it's a smaller school, unlike a big state university. I like being about to feel connected to professors and other students.

Favorite class you’ve taken at Belmont?

I actually really love my survey of the entertainment industry class! It's just the basic intro to EIS class but it's amazing because it is taught by the head of the EIS department, Dr. David Schrieber!! I have learned so much so far! 

Why did you choose Belmont?

Belmont is just in the perfect location. Nashville is a great city and I love all the connections I've been able to make here. It's great to be so close to the city and still feel like you're on a college campus but unlike a state school. It really is such a good fit for me.

Favorite memory from this year?

Like I said earlier, I just love Belmont! There are so many memories to choose from!! I think getting to celebrate Friendsgiving this past year was awesome but also going to local shows and meeting all kinds of people!

Favorite bands/artists? 

I love HARRY STYLES with my whole heart but also Kacey Musgraves, Queen, ABBA, One Direction, and Marren Morris

What do you like about living in Nashville?

I love getting to live close to different artists, It gives us students a chance to go to events and shows, and to make connections in the industry!

Any advice for people looking to come to Belmont?

Go to your Towering Traditions and Welcome Week event during your first week (TT is lit). But other than that join clubs and go to things! Don't be afraid to talk to that person you see walking down the sidewalk in your favorite band's merch, or the people on your floor. You really get what you put into it. Everybody wants to get to know you, just reach out and say hi! 

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