Profile: Avery Holtermann

Name: Avery Holtermann

Year at Belmont: Sophomore

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Age: 19

Major: Music Business with a business emphasis

What made you choose Belmont? 

I have family friends who live in Tennessee and we always visited them, so I got to know Nashville. My sister looked at Belmont and didn’t end up coming, but when I looked at colleges I looked up Belmont and thought the campus was really pretty and that I would really enjoy learning about the music industry. 


What made you choose music business? 

I grew up listening to my mom play the piano for church and she gave piano lessons, which I think is why I love live music. She is so gifted and talented, it was like a live concert when I heard her practicing in our home. I have also grown up going to a few concerts each year, and since coming to college it has definitely increased. My appreciation for live music made me realize that I could have a career in which I was surrounded my music constantly and participate in the music industry. I found Belmont and their music business program and it seemed like a really great fit!


What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Belmont?

My survey of music business class because it was my first college course. It was at 8 am and I met a lot of really cool people and learned a lot about music business. We had a class showcase as the end of the year party and I got to emcee it which was a really fun time!


What has been your most memorable opportunity so far? 

The CMT crossroads with Shawn Mendes and Zac Brown Band. I could tell that both artists really loved and appreciated music in general and wanted everyone to have fun and jam. They also are both extremely talented and it was really fun to watch them participate in something they were very passionate about. 

What are you involved in on campus?

I’m in CMA Edu and Grammy U which are clubs designed to provide students with opportunities to attend music industry students to attend music industry seminars and events. I’m also involved in Greek life on campus! We have our recruitment coming up if anyone is interested!


What’s your favorite thing to do in Nashville? 

I like to eat really good Mexican food and attend concerts at all the different venues since there are so many options!


Where’s your favorite place to go in Nashville? 

Barista Parlor in Germantown. Their biscuits are to die for.

Do you have any advice for freshmen? 

Take advantage of the fact that there’s a lot of cool and interesting people who come to Belmont to speak for convo and go to as many of them as you can early on. Find your people! Don’t try too hard to please everyone you come across—it won’t work. Also, go to class. Take advantage of the fact that you get to learn from people who really know what they’re talking about and have real world experience. It’s okay if you don’t have all your stuff together; not many people do. Lastly, eat some Mexican food. 

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