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An Open Letter to Brandy Melville

Dear Brandy Melville,


I adore your brand and so do young women all over the world.


There is something fresh about the combination of the laid back Los Angeles beach style mixed with the sleek New York City, “model off duty”, trends, which mark your brand as something significant compared to the rest.

Unfortunately, only a few of my friends are able to wear your clothing, because the largest size available is a medium, which is even a rarity amongst the majority of extra-small and small sized apparel.

While I may fit into your idea of an average size range for your target customers, I will not allow myself to sit back and be silent about this issue.


We are living in the year 2017, where the construct of women only being deemed “worth it” if they resemble stick-thin supermodels is being kicked out of the spotlight. Instead, body positivity movements and campaigns are emerging such as Aerie’s #AerieREAL, which sets out to teach women that they have value, no matter how small or large their body is.

While these influential campaigns are opening our generation’s minds, your brand’s lack of size diversity is only closing them back in. When a young woman opens your website and is forced to leave because the shirt she falls in love with is not being sold in a size medium, large, or extra-large, that lack of larger sizing quickly can become associated with a lack of self-worth and confidence.


From one young woman infatuated with fashion to a clothing brand which has deservingly made a name for itself in the past few years, I ask you, Brandy Melville, to please expand your clothing sizes.


Not only would it bring you more business and attention, but it also could help contribute to shattering the mold which women should no longer have to face.

All images used are from @brandymelvilleusa or @Aerie on Instagram. 

I am a freshman journalism major at Belmont University, but was born and raised on the East Coast in Boston, MA. I am obsessed with all things fashion and beauty, my sorority Alpha Gamma Delta - Theta Tau, binge watching the show Friends, traveling to different places, listening to acoustic music, and drinking lattés from Nashville coffee shops. I also adore New York City and dream of working in the fashion industry there after college. Follow Hannah on Instagram @hannahbertolino
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