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Nine Best Vegan Cities Around The World

Changing your diet to more vegan or vegetarian-friendly options can be challenging, especially if you live in a town without a lot of tasty and affordable options. Right now, more people around the world are changing their diets to remove foods made from animals. There are about 6 percent of Americans who classify themselves as a vegan, and the number is on the rise by over 500 percent since 2014! With this rise in veganism, there has been a rise in vegan restaurants and cafes, but there still aren't nearly enough in different parts of the country. Here are some of the top cities for vegan foods all around the world! Road trip anyone?

1. Los Angeles

I'm sure you have seen all the Instagram ads and posts from celebrities in L.A., but Southern California is actually a refuge for plant-based foods! This great article from peta2.com talks all about the benefits of eating vegan and some of the best restaurants in L.A.!

2. Melbourne

I recently saw a video on Facebook where someone who was not from AUS went to Melbourne to check out the vegan options, and she was amazed at how vegan-friendly the city is! This article from The Urban List talks about all the great vegan food in the Melbourne area, and if you are a Melbourne local reading this, like this great Facebook page called "Melbourne Vegan Club" for up-to-date info about new restaurants, outings, and meetups with other vegans!  

3. London

When thinking of traditional London food and drink, you probably think of fish and chips or beer (none of which are vegan!). In recent years, London has become a new home for vegan lovers around the world and has some amazing eats! This website, Vegan London, has all the up to date information about how to be a successful vegan in London!

4. New York City

New York City is home to a lot of tourists from around the world, many of whom are drawn to the city's fashion and food scene! When planning your next trip to the city, check out this post from Grub Street on the best vegan options in NYC!

5. Berlin

The German capital is home to its very own entirely vegan supermarket chain called Veganz! Besides this, the city is chock full of over 50 vegan restaurants all within walking distance of each other.  Check out this article from Happy Cow on how to get the most bang for your buck in Berlin!

6. San Francisco

San Francisco has always been a trendy city with food and atmosphere, but they are actually one of the top vegan cities in the world! This California city is where progress meets health and the great outdoors! This page on Yelp lays out the best vegan restaurants in the Bay area!  

7. Taipei

Are you a vegan buffet lover? Then Taipei, Taiwan, should be a city you add to your bucket list! With a variety of vegan restaurants (around 30) that serve up a wide (and delicious) selection of mock meats, Taipei also is one of the most affordable on this list. Like Berlin, Taipei is home to an all-vegan market: iVegan. This post from Vegan Food Quest lets you know where the good ones are!

8. Portland

Portland was actually named Peta's number 1 vegan-friendly city in 2016! This plant-based food scene is the perfect fit for the quirky city, which is focused on environmental efforts and promoting sustainability. This post from Happy Cow shows you the 241 best vegan options in Portland!

9. Vancouver

Vancouver is always finding newer and more affordable ways to go green, and vegan restaurants are on the top of the list! This post from Bored in Vancouver tells you all about the best ones, and you can even get vegan poutine! So Canada! 


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