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A Million Little Things is the New Show You NEED to Watch

A few weeks ago, I was compiling the list of shows I wanted to suggest you watch instead of The Bachelor. During this process, I was thinking of all the trailers, previews and sneak peeks I had seen in the past couple of months and trying to think of which ones piqued the most interest among social media users. Among the shows I picked was one from ABC called A Million Little Things. The trailer alone gives me chills.

The show revolves around a group of adult friends and the impact of the suicide of their de facto leader John. They all have their demons whether it be an affair, depression, or even cancer. Each character struggles with something that comes to the forefront after John’s suicide.

Yes, this show will pull at the heartstrings and gives us all the feels. But it does something even bigger than that. It explores mental health in a poignant way that is often avoided by other shows. Mental health is often depicted as something that only afflicts women, but A Million Little Things shows us male characters and people of color facing suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression in very real ways.

At the core of the show is love. The love these friends have for each other is strong and it is bound to be tested. But just like John says in the pilot, “Friendship is being able to have the hard conversations and being willing to listen. It’s a million little things.” Friendship is not one moment or memory; it is all of the little things in between. That’s what matters.

Although it deals with sensitive topics and confronts hard truths, this is a show I would recommend everyone watch. It will probably leave you crying, but it will also leave you with a full heart and a desire to hug your friends extra tight.

The first episode is on Hulu now and you can catch new episodes every Wednesday at 10/9c.

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